NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. is aiming to provide companies and organizations with effective solutions at the segments of production (services and goods), management and decision making, based on state of the art technology.

The company was founded at 1995 under the name of NESTOR Production & Management Consultants. Since 2000, it operates under the name of NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. During its course, the company has performed a substantial number of projects gaining great expertise at the fields of its activity.

NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. is certified for its quality management system according to the ISO 9001  standard that covers the whole range of consulting activities and is also a member of the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms – SESMA (FEACO Member) .

Through constant communication and cooperation with technology partners and universities, NESTOR CONSULTING S.A obtained high level know-how, providing high quality services to its clients.

Nestor Consulting S.A. was named under the King of Pylos Nestor, who in Iliad, is the wise old man that – because of his experience – has the ability to give advice to Achaeans and he was the person that everybody respected.

Nestor has been coincided with the concept of old wise man and metaphorically, we characterize as Nestor the older member of a group of people or an enterprise as well as every old man equipped with a lot of valuable experiences.


The high level of education as well as continuous training of personell in the fields of the company’s activities, is the key element for the achievement of NESTOR CONSULTING S.A.’s goals and strategy. The company keeps up with the constant changes of the market tendencies and demands and trains its personnel at new methods and innovations.

Organizational Structure


For all projects NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. follows a four stages methodology:

Company Policy

The policy and the objectives set by NESTOR CONSULTING SA govern the total operations, having a direct impact on the services provided to their customers’ services. These objectives are summarized below:

  • High quality of service and strict adherence to project delivery times, so as to meet customers’ expectation and needs.
  • Maximum added value for our clients from the provided services.
  • Transfer of technical know-how and skills to our clients, during the projects.

The company’s personnel is fully informed of these goals, while the company has developed appropriate tools to measure the effectiveness of services in relation to these goals.

Balance Sheets


Balance Sheet

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