NESTOR CONSULTING S.A., aiming to provide customers with up to date and effective solutions, constantly monitors changes of market tendencies and demands. In order to achieve this, the company has:

  1. An organizational structure, that allows the continuous development of the services provided, taking into consideration and incorporating all changes in business sectors,
  2. Personnel (consultants) with high academic credentials, long term experience and with efficient training in the fields of new methods and innovations,
  3. Vertical sectors, that develop and provide products and services of highest quality, satisfying customer needs.

Lean Management

  • Process Improvement
  • Waste Elimination – Cost Reduction
  • Lead time Improvement
  • Zero Defects

The implementation of Lean Management Systems results to the transformation of business operations in such a way that company’s resources consume whatever is strictly necessary for performance improvement, offering the best value to the customer, continuously reducing any forms of waste.
The systems’ implementation is suitable for all industry sectors and their intercompany operations. Our company’s success stories, where the Lean Techniques were used, show over 150 business processes  analyzed and simplified / improved, reducing the lead times of products up to 75% and operating costs to 40%.
Our services are supported by an internationally patented Process Business Intelligence (BI) software, ProcessAnalyzer, to achieve faster and more efficient Lean Operations, the optimization of operational processes and thus a rapid Return On Investment (ROI).

Business Development and Organization

These services aim to support companies and organizations, to formulate their strategies, goals and KPI’s, to plan business activities, to develop a suitable business plan (business plan – financial plan), to define organizational structures and to support them for investments, financed through national and European programs. These services include:

  • Performance Management – Balanced Scorecards
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Business Plans Development
  • Elaboration of Marketing Plans
  • Market studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  • Technical Support for Investments Financing through National and European Programs
  • Business Investments Evaluation
  • Management of Financed Projects and Monitoring of their Implementation

Quality and Management Systems

These services aim to support enterprises for the implementation of Management Systems according to International Standards. NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. offers the following services:

  • Implementation of quality management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN 15224 and other quality standards
  • Implementation of food safety management systems (HACCP) according to ISO 22000 and IFS
  • Implementation of environmental administration systems according to ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • Implementation of occupational health and safety management systems according to ISO 45001
  • Implementation of Information security management systems according to ISO 27001 and GDPR
  • Implementation of  laboratory accreditation systems according to ISO 17025 and ISO 15189
  • Implementation of total quality management systems (TQM)
  • Implementation of CSR systems and sustainability reports according to GRI and other standards
  • Implementation of quality tools (SPC, QFD, FMEA, CPA, Six Sigma)
  • Implementation of systems measuring quality cost
  • Implementation of  integrated management system including all the above (the ones that are necessary according to the needs of each business/organization)
  • Implementation of systems according to EFQM Excellence Model

For the complete electronic implementation and continuous monitoring of the management systems, the company offers a Quality Management solution of QPR Software company.

Human Resources & Training

Organizations need staff equipped with high sense of duty and orientation to the maximization of all personnel’s efficiency (including low level personnel).

Personnel need tools in order to develop their work, their personal attributes and their future.

The administrative system for personnel that NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. suggests, can satisfy both sides leading to focalization and clearness combining the personnel’s efficiency and the vision, the values and the strategic priorities of the organization. NESTOR CONSULTING S.A. offers:

  • Analysis and Evaluation of employment
  • Development of Human Resources
  • Evaluation of personnel’s efficiency
  • Implementation of systems regarding payroll

For best results and continues monitoring, the company offers People Performance Improvement solution of QPR Software.

Nestor Consulting SA, considers the consulting support and the intervention (when needed) to a business or organization, as a process which requires professional staff training regarding the new challenges that the new technology systems usually generate. Apart from the instructions offered, the company realizes special seminars for businesses and organizations which desire to offer their employees a full knowledge of new technologies systems and methodology practiced by Nestor Consulting SA experienced staff.