Nestor Consulting S.A. is a partner of QPR Software Plc that specializes in building performance and process management systems since 1991.

QPR has its headquarters in Helsinki and cooperates with an extensive network of talented partners in over 50 countries worldwide. QPR’s software is a necessary tool for the support and completion of our services in the fields of the design of strategy, efficiency management and improvement and reduction of the cost of business/organizations processes.

QPR has trained our company’s personnel at usage and implementation of these tools, characterizing them as QPR Certified.


The way your organization executes its value-adding operations strongly influences your competitiveness. QPR ProcessDesigner provides you with robust process discovery, analysis and design functionality that allows you to plan, develop, analyze, communicate and monitor your business processes and foster a collaborative environment that will help you lead your organization towards process excellence faster than any other process management tool.

Hundreds of companies and government organizations use QPR ProcessDesigner for streamlining their operations in order to improve productivity, customer satisfaction, reduce costs or ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Whether you are looking to reengineer and continuously improve your processes, perform quality and supply chain management or ensure that your processes and controls are well documented for compliance purposes (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) QPR ProcessDesigner will help. It is invaluable for knowledge management, six sigma, risk management as well as any other development and change management initiatives.


Paper-based measurement systems do not satisfy the needs of fast-paced businesses operating in competitive markets because they are too slow, cumbersome, labor intensive and unreliable. Spreadsheet solutions have proven to provide a viable option for only limited amounts of users that access performance data on a shared drive.

The QPR Metrics provides you with a complete suite to manage and communicate your strategy, measure and improve performance, performing powerful ad-hoc analysis on business data and for making performance improvement an organization-wide exercise. It is designed to help your entire organization gain insight into your strategy and operations, their execution, weaknesses and strengths, and the ongoing prioritization and management of initiatives towards improving performance and managing transformation.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer

QPR ProcessAnalyzer automatically generates process flowcharts and important KPIs based on the data extracted from IT systems. Instead of manually modeling and mapping the processes, the extracted data can be utilized creating, from the extracted data, an exact fact-based visualization of your business processes.

It makes the most of the existing data in IT systems and gets facts for analyzing, measuring and monitoring the performance KPIs of core processes. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a perfect process mining and process business intelligence software for process owners and business owners to gain insight and improve the business processes.

  • Process visualization – quickly map your processes, identify and discover process bottlenecks and variations.
  • Reports on process metrics – measure and monitor process lead times, volumes, and other process KPIs.
  • Automated data integration – no need for manual data import.
  • No more guessing – base your process improvement activities on fact.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is an innovative software for Automated Business Process Mining for an easy and low cost solution for process improvement, simultaneously being a Process Intelligence tool for the whole organization.